Creating a good climate – from the beginning

We have been developing and producing innovative ventilation and air conditioning technology for diverse fields of application and requirements since 1980. We can safely claim that our technology is the leader in all areas, and that we set the bench mark for efficiency and effectiveness.

We are proud to be “made in Germany.” Since our founding, our development and manufacturing has been located in Mülheim an der Ruhr, a location traditionally closely associated with water and climate. Every day, our Mülheim team of over 350 sets the standard, for private and public-sector projects all over the world. They are accompanied by a team of over 300 sales and service employees in our branches in Germany and all over Europe. Our team is constantly expanding as we work rigorously to develop our concepts and units. The demand for environmentally-friendly, resource-saving air conditioning is increasing at an extremely high pace; meeting the challenge inherent in this demand is our motivation, and our future-oriented solutions meet the requirements of our customers.

Our knowledge and our passion for air conditioning technology are at the same time our commitment, as individuals, above and beyond our company, to our climate. As such, we are one of the main initiators of the project Klimazone Mülheim an der Ruhr [Mülheim an der Ruhr climate zone], with the aim of reducing the energy and CO2 emissions of our city by 50%.



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